DJH Youth Hostel Thale

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The Youth Hostel Thale received the certificate Family|Youth Hostel

Peacefully located at the entrance to the Bode Valley, you can easily get to know the culture of our region as well as its many myths and legends. The unique location of our hostel allows you to relax and enjoy while taking in all the sights and stories.
Our 2- to 6- bed rooms, in addition to our numerous common rooms, offer ideal accommodation for nearly everyone. You can comfortably reach the "devilish sights" of the “Hexentanxplatz“ by foot or by cable car. 

Historical Information

historical picture of the Hostel Thale

The unusual street name "Waldkater" (Forest Tomcat), on which you’ll find the current hostel, has, like everything here, a unique story:
In 1852 the foundation was laid for the former "Großer Waldkater" Hotel, which achieved worldwide fame. Many years later the building was converted into a recreational home and then later used as a hotel. After a thorough renovation, the house enjoyed a festive reopening as the "Jugendherberge Thale" in May of 1996.