DJH Youth Hostel Thale


A mythical atmosphere in the Bode Valley

Welcome to the Youth Hostel Thale!

Between the jagged canyons of the "Roßtrappe" and the famous "Hexentanzplatz" (Witches’ Dance Floor) you’ll find the Thale Hostel. Eerie stone formations such as the "Teufelsmauer" (Devil’s Wall) make this a uniquely mysterious landscape.
Witches are the symbol of the city of Thale, but you won’t just encounter them once a year at the spring "Walpurgis" festival, on the "Hexentanzplatz". If you keep your eyes open on a hike through the craggy Bode Valley, you might just come to understand what’s behind the old stories and legends.  

The unique location of this hostel and the family atmosphere combine to offer each guest a memorable stay. Welcome to the Bode Valley – and welcome to the world of legends and myths.


Jugendherberge Thale
Hostel Manager: Michael Hesse
Waldkater 1
06502 Thale/ Germany 

Tel.:  +49 (0)3947 – 2881
Fax:  +49 (0)3947 – 916 53
Email: thale(at)